August 1, 2022

Rock of Ages began quarrying Barre granite at Smith Quarry near Barre, Vermont in 1880.

The company is now owned by the Canadian firm Polycor. From this quarry it supplies granite cut to specific sizes and shapes and makes memorials and monuments.
At 600 feet deep, Smith Quarry is the largest operating deep-hole dimension quarry in the world. Dimension quarries specialize in rock that is selected and finished to specific sizes or shapes.
This older lake on Rock of Ages property is darker because it contains more dissolved minerals.
Derricks are used to lift workers, materials and granite in and out of the quarry.
Ladders give perspective to the quarry.
Diamond saws cut blocks of 30 x 30 x 12 feet which are then split into 20 ton slabs before being hoisted out of the quarry.
The marks on this stone were made when the stone was cut.
Jane in one of the cages used to transport workers in and out of the quarry
Granite (not from Rock of Ages) on railroad cars in Barre, Vermont.
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