August 1, 2022

The Vermont State House was completed in 1859 with additions made in 1888, 1900, and 1987. It is the first public building fabricated from Barre gray granite which is quarried near Montpelier.
The Vermont State House was designed by Boston architect Thomas Silway in the Renaissance Revival style.
The dome is 57 feet high and is made of wood, sheathed in copper and covered with gold leaf. The third incarnation of the statue “Agriculture” was designed by Jerry Williams, carved by Chris Miller, and placed in 2018 .
This gun was captured by Montpelier native Admiral George Dewey at the Battle of Manilla Bay in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. A second gun on the grounds of the state house was used in the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolution. Dave has been unable to prove his hypothesis that the guns are positioned to defend Vermont from invading Canadians.
A statue of Ethan Allen stands on the porch of the Vermont State House.
The doors on the front of Vermont’s State House may look bronze but are made of wood.
Representatives’ Hall pictured here and the Senate Chamber are the oldest legislative chambers in the U.S. still used for their original purpose.
Vermont’s House of Representatives has 150 members.
Above the rostrum is a portrait of former President George Washington. It is an 1837 copy by George Gassner of Gilbert Stuart’s original.
The Vermont Coat of Arms, carved of pine and painted and gilded, is above the portrait.
The rostrum is hand-carved walnut.
Furnishings in Representatives’ Hall, including the chairs, are original.
Chairs around the perimeter are used by Senators when the House and Senate meet together.
The petals on the plaster lotus blossom in the center of the ceiling each weigh about 500 pounds.
Detail of the bronze and gilt chandelier
Other light fixtures include figures.
The Senate has 30 members.
Furnishings are a combination of Renaissance and Rococo Revival styles.
These might not be as old as the furnishings in the room, but they do remind us of office work back in the day.
Stool for pages
Ceiling in the Senate Chamber
The gasolier features a maritime theme with sea horses, water lilies and figures of Neptune.
Horses on the gasolier
Gasolier detail
Governor’s ceremonial office. The desk is a partner’s desk: It is designed for two people, each working from one side.
The replica of a lamp featuring a nude Greek slave has been controversial but is in the office for now.
The desk chair is carved from timbers of the U.S.S. Constitution.
Ceiling in the Governor’s Office
“The First Vermont Brigade at the Battle of Cedar Creek” is a 10×20 foot painting by Julian Scott. Scott was a drummer and fifer in the Civil War. He used faces of soldiers who participated in the battle in which the Old Vermont Brigade led a rally that reversed a Union retreat.
State Seal on the frame
Two stained glass skylights in the Cedar Creek Reception Room were reconstructed from thousands of stained glass chips.
Legislators use the Card Room for meetings with constituents and lobbyists.
State Seal over the fireplace in the Card Room
The fireplace is decorated with samples of marble found in Vermont.
Vermont’s State House was designed with graceful staircases.
Steam register
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