July 25, 2022

We had a new experience on our way to Concord. We had just exited a toll booth when two state troopers pulled directly in front of us. We wondered how they could be so unsafe and inconsiderate. They CREPT along for several miles. Finally we recalled seeing a sign warning us of blasting in the area and realized the troopers were keeping highway traffic out of danger.

We never did see or hear any evidence of blasting.
We wondered how close we should get. Finally cars pulled up to our left and we all just kind of hung back till the troopers pulled off the interstate.

We had a few minutes to explore Concord before visiting the State House.

New Hampshire Historical Society, built 1911
The New Hampshire Legislative Office Building was built in 1889 as a court house and post office.
The Legislative Office Building is one of the state’s largest buildings built out of locally-quarried granite.
The New Hampshire State Library was built in 1895.
The New Hampshire State House was designed by master builder Stuart J. Park.
The federal-style State House was completed in 1819. It is built of granite quarried from Rattlesnake Hill, two miles north of the building.
The building was enlarged in 1864 and 1910. Its 24.75 karat gold dome was completed in 1864. The original eagle was 600 pounds and was made of butternut wood. It was replaced by a copper replica that weighs only 250 pounds.
The Memorial Arch was build in 1891 to honor those who served in the nation’s wars.
The Hall of Flags serves as entry to the building. The room was originally known as Doric Hall for its columns and it served as an informal gathering place for legislators and visitors. Now the room is home to display cases holding 103 military flags.
The House Chamber seats 400 state representatives each of whom represents 3,400 citizens.
Annual legislative sessions last for 45 days. Remembers receive $200 per two-year term, plus mileage.
Portraits in the House chamber are of abolitionist John P. Hale, former President Abraham Lincoln, former President George Washington, former President Franklin Pierce (the only person from New Hampshire elected to that office), and Daniel Webster who served as Congressman, U.S. Senator and U.S. Secretary of State.
Legislators have voting buttons and a place to put a few papers on the backs of the seats in front of them.
Senate Chamber
New Hampshire has only 24 Senators each of whom represents 55,000 citizens. Like Representatives, Senators receive $200 per term.
Furnishings in the Senate Chamber date from 1942.
The front of the Senate Chamber is decorated with four murals painted by Barry Faulkner in 1942. This one shows a young Daniel Webster reading a copy of the U.S. Constitution on the floor of his parents’ store.
Arched hallway
Stairway and elevator cage
Governor’s Reception Room
New Hampshire flag
New Hampshire State Seal

Before we left Concord we visited two sites related to former President Franklin Pierce.

Grave of former President Franklin Pierce
Home of former President Franklin Pierce
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