July 6, 2022

We drove to Delaware from College Park, Maryland with the objectives of seeing Delaware’s capitol and finding Delaware’s oldest geocache. The cache is located in Trap Pond State Park, about an hour south of the capital.

The walk to the cache was a little over half a mile along a gravel road with the obligatory trek into the woods toward the end–this time for a few hundred feet.
Dave found the cache in the crotch of a tree.
Signing the log
Marking the event

On our way home we stopped by Bridgerton for a cache at the site of the First Presbyterian Church, built in 1866.

The church closed around 1900 and was purchased in 1917 by the Tuesday Night Club, a 20-year old women’s literary society of 91 members. The women organized a lending library that was later given to the Bridgewater Public Library.
To get to the cache Dave removed the perch of the birdhouse which allowed the cache to lower into his hands.
We explored caches around the capitol and found the Ridgely House, built in 1728. Various Ridgely family members served in the first and second state constitutional conventions, as state attorney general, chancellor of Delaware, Delaware secretary of state, U.S. Congressman, and U.S. Senator.
Mabel Lloyd Ridgely, 1872-1962, was a suffragist and historic preservationist. Her efforts helped bring about the restoration and preservation of the Old State House.
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