Disney World seemed like a good idea after the intensity of emptying the house.  As it turned out, Disney itself was pretty intense–but lots of fun.

Our cat Kaela had never seemed to pay attention to the scenery outside the coach, but after two months at Sandhill Shores in Fort Pierce (where the view was largely open field), she went from window to window checking out our heavily landscaped campsite at Fort Wilderness.  In the morning she requested we open the coach door as usual so she could get her breath of outside air and bird songs, and she was visited by a friendly squirrel.

While Kaela lounged in the coach, we visited Epcot Center, the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, on successive days.  The parks were more crowded than anticipated–shouldn’t most children still have been in school?  But we were lucky to be at Epcot in time to enjoy the Flower and Garden show.

We’d been to the Magic Kingdom often enough that we could take our time and enjoy street theater and some of the easy-going attractions like the Peoplemover and Country Bear Jamboree.  By the time we got our tickets, fast passes weren’t available for the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and so we’ll save that for a future trip.  We can recommend the Magic Kingdom’s newest restaurant, Jungle Skipper Canteen.

We took an evening off for supper in our old Orlando neighborhood with former neighbors and forever friends Connie Gill and Tom Smith.  We were treated to a personalized tour of the many changes in the neighborhood and downtown area since we moved away in 1991.

Animal Kingdom is probably our favorite park.  We love the walks through animal habitat and were able to see the new Lion King show.  Avatar opened the weekend after our visit.  We’ve got a good reason to go back!


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