July 8, 2022

We spent a day in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where Jane’s father lived.

We were lucky to be able to help Jane’s sister-in-law Joy Walker celebrate her birthday.

A few years ago Jane was contacted by Loraine Ford who had bought the home Jane’s grandfather built in 1911. Loraine was interested in learning about the family that had built her house and Jane was able to share some information. In return, Loraine showed us the house while we were in Lancaster. Jane’s father Charles R. Appel would have been two years old when his family moved to this seven-bedroom house.
49 N. President Avenue
Front door
Side light
Ice box
Dining room
Living room
Staircase to second floor
Staircase to third floor
Claw-foot tub in the third floor bathroom

For supper we met Jane’s nephew Andy Esbenshade and Andy’s wife Lisa at John Wright’s Restaurant in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania.

The restaurant was formerly a silk mill.
Dave, Jane, Andy and Lisa
The Veterans Memorial Bridge spans the Susquehanna River from Columbia to Wrightsville, Pennsylvania.
Another entry in the just-created series of Bathrooms that Have Impressed Jane. (A recent entry would be the pineapple plant in the bathroom at the U.S. Botanic Garden.] This facility in John Wright’s Restaurant has soap on the left, water in the middle, and a dryer on the right. This will be a difficult series to continue because not everyone is comfortable when a stranger starts snapping photos in a public restroom.
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Jay Waters · July 21, 2022 at 12:41 pm

That’s a lovely home, Jane. And obviously well taken care of. The current residents have not been afraid to spend some money!

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