July 28 and July 30, 2022

While staying in Littleton, Massachusetts, we found caches that were special because of their age or type. First, the two oldest caches in Massachusetts.

The moderate hike to the oldest cache in Massachusetts afforded this distant view of Boston.
We don’t know what these concrete structures were near ground zero. The cache is to Dave’s left below the wall.
Jane near the cache site.
We took a steeper and sunnier path down the hill.
The second oldest cache in Massachusetts is along this path in Great Brook Farm State Park near Carlisle.
Dave is signing the log for the second oldest cache in Massachusetts.
The path to a letterbox cache near Littleton, Massachusetts went by a fenced area about a hundred yards on each side. Apparently there once was power to the site.
The letterbox cache
Jane took this screen shot of Dave in a webcam feed in southern New Hampshire.
Library caches are often lots of fun so we wanted to claim the one at the Peterborough Public Library. This is the oldest publicly-funded library in the United States.
Library porch ceiling
Cranberry Meadow Pond Trail near Peterborough.
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