September 7-9, 2018

We had discovered to our great dismay that the welds made on the Jeep in Whitehorse had not held. Rather than drive back to Whitehorse, we took the car to a Jeep dealer in Tacoma who discovered an unrepaired weld higher in the engine than we or the welder had been able to see. It seemed like a good time to explore the Olympic Peninsula but, because of the Labor Day holiday, we were only able to get a 2-day reservation in Port Angeles on the peninsula. Jane followed Dave in a rental Jeep from the dealer, stopping for lunch with a friend she had met while training as a provider with Relationship Development Intervention. Dave drove on to the campground and set up the coach.

We were set to do some exploring.

Elwha River Bridge
Jane standing by the rental Jeep
The Elwha River
The pedestrian and bike path suspended below the road deck.
Picking Blackberries.
This slug by the river was about three and a half inches long.

One rainy day (wait, they were ALL rainy days), we were exploring on the Peninsula and stopped in at a county park on the Strait of Juan de Fuca (the strait separates the U.S. and Canada). We were surprised to find a border patrol agent stationed at the boat ramp there, but we enjoyed talking with him for a few minutes and appreciate his efforts to protect us from rogue Canadians attempting to enter the country from Vancouver Island.

Wet day on our hike out to Flattery Rocks National Wildlife Refuge.
Bark was pealed off the cedar trees by the local Makah indians.
Sea caves on the Pacific coast
The rain and fog resulted in a few interesting pictures.
Mt Olympus from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor center.
Hurricane ridge gets 35 to 60 feet of snow per year’
Ta Toosh Island
The light house on Ta Toosh Island.
Moss and ferns grew everywhere.

The Makah Cultural Center
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